Canon, Common and The Walking Dead Remind Us That Printed Pictures Are Pretty Cool

If you can pull yourself away from your Instagram feed for a minute, you might remember that photographs—you know, those professional-grade images printed on physical paper and sometimes placed in frames to look even better on your wall—can be quite beautiful.

In a campaign managed by Grey New YorkCanon promoted its new PIXMA PRO printer by touring the country with celebrity guests/hobbyist photographers Common, Chef Tyler Florence, and Norman Reedus (aka that guy on The Walking Dead who looks like the older brother in Mumford and Sons).

The purpose of the campaign was to remind everyone that “photography” doesn’t always mean “pictures of the things I ate for dinner followed by poorly-lit shots of myself and my friends after a few drinks”. The theme was “the five senses”, with each of three galleries featuring shots taken by both the spokesmen and local photographers based in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.

That was Reedus in New York before the jump. Here’s Common in Chicago:

And Florence in San Francisco:

…and a shot of the Grey team, lest we forget the people who made this happen.

(From L to R): Courtney Engel (VP, Grey Activation & PR), Claudia Strauss (Grey CEO, Activation & PR), Amy Tunick (President, Grey Activation & PR President), Vanessa Rodriguez (VP, Grey Activation & PR)