Racked Catches Up With Weed Style Writer Katie Shapiro

CannabistLogo‘Fashion, meet weed’ proclaims the lede. These days, it’s very possibly the other way around.

In any case, Racked has a fun Q&A with Katie Shapiro, the proud possessor of a very unique hemp business card title – marijuana style writer for The Cannabist. From Chavie Lieber’s article intro:

An Ohio native who previously worked in New York’s fashion scene, Shapiro was living in Denver when Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize the recreational use of pot in 2012, with dispensaries officially opening to the public last January.

After hearing that the Denver Post was launching The Cannabist, a website specifically dedicated to weed, she pitched the idea of leading the site’s fashion and shopping coverage [Full disclosure: she also contributes to Racked sister site Curbed Ski]. As what is very possibly the world’s first marijuana style writer, Shapiro reports on the ever-evolving world, interviewing designers about the incorporation of weed into their designs and discovering luxury paraphernalia. Shapiro even runs an ongoing series where she smokes up with local shopkeepers.

We’d never really thought about this before, but after reading the Racked Q&A, a Weed Fashion Day in Denver as early as this fall or next spring seems almost inevitable. According to Shapiro, among the weed designers making notable contributions are Jacquie Aiche, Lucien Pellat-Finet and The Clashist.

Check out Shapiro’s latest contributions to Weed Central here.

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