Candy Dream Combines Magical Nostalgia With Realistic Supply and Demand Economy

Candy Dream is a new game from developer Toy Studio, in closed beta since May 6. Keeping with a Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory theme, players can only enter the game with “Golden Ticket” invites issued from the official website. So far, 4,643 users have accessed the beta.

Candy Dream’s premise is that the world has run out of candy and it is up to the player to produce candy and sell it to the stores in the various towns around the game world. This is achieved by building up a candy factory, harvesting “candy” crops and developing recipes to produce different types of candy bars. Later in the game, players get the opportunity to specialize in specific types of candy, and can pick an additional specialization every 10 levels.

“Everything in Candy Dream has a touch of magic,” says Christian Arca, Studio Director at Toy Studio and designer of the game. “When we were kids, Candy Land and Willy Wonka is where we think candy comes from. That sense of surrealism is something we wanted to bring to Candy Dream. From the fully customizable avatar editor to the candy crops that grow out of the ground, we want players to be constantly surprised at the sparks of magic and what they’ll discover next.”

Arca is particularly pleased with the game’s modelling of “supply and demand.” The game features a dynamic online economy which adjusts itself according to what players are selling and where. Selling too much of one candy will cause the global prices to dip, while shortages of a particular product will cause prices to rise.

The game is monetized exclusively through the use of Facebook Credits, which can be used to purchase energy-restoring items and soft currency as well as premium goods from the in-game marketplace. They can also be used to instantly create new candy bars rather than having to wait for the machines to make them. Many of the game’s items and buildings can be purchased using the game’s soft currency, but as is usually the case with games of this type, using Facebook Credits can help make progress a little quicker.

As for the future of the game, Arca says that some new decorations are in the pipeline as well as new crops and new recipes. To expand gameplay, there’s a plan in place to introduce new buildings and tools for aspiring candy moguls to manage their empire in a variety of different ways.

“We are dedicated to Candy Dream right now,” says Arca. “We’ve been monitoring user feedback very closely to adjust some features and moving forward with some of our longer-term goals for the game. We are looking to do some mobile games in the near future, however.”

No word yet on when Candy Dream will reach a general release, but keep an eye out for it on AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers. To sign up for a “Golden Ticket” allowing closed beta access, visit the game’s official website.

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