Candy Crush Saga continues hot streak among this week’s fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU’s Candy Crush Saga is once again No. 1 on our list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users, gaining 2.2 million MAU for a 110 percent increase this week.

Rovio’s Angry Birds added 1 million MAU for a 4 percent gain, securing the No. 2 spot. At No. 3 is’s Bubble Witch Saga with 1 million MAU for a five percent gain.

Disney Playdom had two titles place in the top five spots of this week’s list. Marvel: Avengers Alliance snagged the No. 4 spot with an 18 percent gain of 900,000 MAU, and Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers was up by 145 percent with 710,000 MAU. The developer’s newer title, Armies of Magic, also made a strong showing with 610,000 MAU for a 555 percent increase. The only other game with a greater-than-100 percent increase is Cookapps’ bubble shooter Buggle, which picked up 590,000 MAU for 328 percent growth.

The Hunger Games Adventures appears on our list this week for the first time, taking the No. 20 spot with its gain 290,000 MAU gain for a 43 percent increase. The Hunger Games Adventures steady growth since its March launch is undoubtedly helped by the phenomenal success of the movie; currently the game has 960,000 MAU and 150,000 daily active users. The movie’s box office power is (finally) beginning to wane, though, so it won’t be long before the game has to survive solely on its own merits.

MAUGain Gain,%
1.   Candy Crush Saga4,200,000+2,200,000+ 110%
2.   Angry Birds24,100,000+1,000,000+ 4%
3.   Bubble Witch Saga21,100,000+1,000,000+ 5%
4.   Marvel: Avengers Alliance5,900,000+900,000+ 18%
5.   Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers1,200,000+710,000+ 145%
6.   Diamond Dash18,900,000+700,000+ 4%
7.   Armies of Magic720,000+610,000+ 555%
8.   Buggle770,000+590,000+ 328%
9.   Lucky Gem Casino1,400,000+540,000+ 63%
10.   Pool Live Tour9,500,000+500,000+ 6%
11.   Bubble Speed2,000,000+400,000+ 25%
12.   Slotomania – Slot Machines7,500,000+400,000+ 6%
13.   La Vecindad de “El Chavo”1,200,000+330,000+ 38%
14.   Astro Garden1,500,000+300,000+ 25%
15.   Hoop De Loop Saga6,400,000+300,000+ 5%
16.   Lucky Slots – Free Slot Machines2,500,000+300,000+ 14%
17.   Soul Crash1,600,000+300,000+ 23%
18.   Superball1,800,000+300,000+ 20%
19.   我的傳奇870,000+300,000+ 53%
20.   The Hunger Games Adventures960,000+290,000+ 43%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataStay tuned for our look at the fastest-growing games by daily active users on Wednesday and top emerging apps on Friday.

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