Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds Friends gainer and loser among June’s Top 25 Facebook games

We’re two weeks into June, meaning it’s time to look at the middle games from our June Top 25 Facebook game list.

Even though the middle titles don’t change as dramatically as the games we looked at last week, these games still see a fair amount of change because their daily active users are often close. Although these games’ DAU numbers don’t usually shift by much, even small DAU changes can move the games up or down by a few spots.

Here’s what we’ve looked at so far this month:

  • June 7, 2012: No. 25 (開心水族箱) through No. 19 (Empires & Allies)

This week, we look at No. 18 through No. 13.

TIE-17. Slotomania- Slot Machines

Playtika’s Slotomania – Slot Machines seems to be recovering from the slight slump it hit at the beginning of the month, jumping to a new peak of 2.2 million DAU before settling at 2.1 million. Since it launched in 2010, the game’s traffic has improved steadily and it’s currently enjoying its best numbers to date. If Slotomania’s traffic is able to maintain these high numbers, it may move up a spot or two, but it’s tough to say for sure because games appearing on this part of the list are still fairly close in terms of DAU.

TIE-17. Pool Live Tour

Geewa’s Pool Live Tour is continuing its steady climb, returning to its peak of 2.1 million DAU after starting the month out at 2 million. Pool Live Tour is another game that picked up after a long period of steady growth, but it can’t seem to pass the 2.1 million line it’s been hitting since April. Based on how often the game’s been returning to 2.1 million over the past few weeks, it looks like Pool Live Tour might be able to set a new record this month. Even if it manages to reach a new high point, though, the game may not move up much in July (if at all) based on the traffic of the other titles on the list.

16. Monster World

Wooga’s Monster World has jumped up and down since the start of June, recently returning to its starting point of 2.1 million DAU. The game’s steadily gained traffic since it launched in 2010 and peaked in February with 2.3 million DAU and has returned to that point a few times since, but just hasn’t been able to crack that number. It doesn’t look like this will change in the next few weeks, since Monster World’s highest traffic point so far this month is 2.2 million DAU. If Monster World manages to climb up to 2.3 million DAU, it may move up next month’s list a little, but the game’s position may drop a little if it’s sitting around 2 million mark on July 1.

15. Angry Birds Friends

Rovio’s Angry Birds Friends is still losing traffic, down by 200,000 DAU since the start of the month. The game peaked in April with 3.4 million DAU but has been shedding players since then. Rovio recently brought the game out of beta with a new name and content, but the resulting traffic boost was only temporary. The game’s already down to 2.2 million DAU, which means it could very well drop to the 2 million mark before the end of the month. If that happens, Angry Birds Friends would probably drop a few spots on July’s Top 25 list.

14. المزرعة السعيدة

FunPlus Game’s المزرعة السعيدة (“Happy Farm” ) dropped to 2.5 million DAU at the beginning of the month, where it’s been holding steady for over a week. The game looks like it’s beginning to level out after dropping off from its March peak of 3 million DAU, as the traffic drops are becoming more spread out. The Arabic-language farm sim launched in July 2011 and steadily gained traffic until it surged by 400,000 DAU in March and then began to gradually lose users. If the game’s traffic stays at the 2.5 million, it’s unlikely the game’s position will change in July.

13. Candy Crush Saga’s Candy Crush Saga continues to gain by leaps and bounds, increasing from 2.7 million DAU to 3.4 million. recently told us it’s the fastest-growing “Saga” title in the developer’s game catalog. Based on this growth rate, it’s possible the game could wind up hitting 4 million DAU in time for next month’s Top 25 list, which would easily move it into the top 10 games on the chart, and possibly close to the No. 5 spot.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataStay tuned for next week’s continuation of our Top 25 gainers and losers, when we look at No. 12 through No. 7 on the list.