Candid Anonymous Messaging App Launches on Mobile

The app was designed to give users a place to chat about potentially controversial issues while remaining anonymous.

Candid announced the launch of its anonymous personalized news and content sharing application on mobile. The app was designed to give users a place to chat about potentially controversial issues while remaining anonymous.

Candid asks users to identify their interests by selecting topics such as politics, food, entertainment and more. From there, the app suggests appropriate groups for users to join, based on their interests. Users can also give the app access to their locations to receive group suggestions based on their locations.

Candid Screenshots

As users browse content in each group, they can share likes, dislikes and anonymous comments on individual posts. Posts may contain things like photos, text comments and questions or links to content such as videos and news posts. Each time a user posts a message in a new thread, they’re assigned a different randomly generated username.

While users chat on Candid anonymously, they have the option to connect to their Facebook accounts to see groups and posts that have been created by people they know (the friends remain anonymous). Users also have the option to give the app access to their contacts, so they’ll know when anonymous posts are from friends who also use the app.

Candid uses natural language processing to analyze each post. The app flags negative posts, and it moves “off-topic comments” to the appropriate groups. In addition, the app will identify “hate speech, slander and threatening remarks for immediate deletion.”

Elsewhere, the app’s artificial intelligence moderation system will identify rumors and it will attempt to verify them via a web and Twitter search. If a rumor can’t be verified, the app will ask users to mark it as “true” or “rumor.” In this way, Candid said the app will remove false rumors “while allowing news leaks and insider information to surface.”

In a statement, Bindu Reddy, CEO and co-founder of Candid, commented:

I created Candid for people like me. My social media network includes everyone in my life, from friends I haven’t seen since high school to family members and work colleagues. Expressing my opinion, especially about controversial issues, inevitably upsets someone. I needed a place to express myself and engage in discussions where ideas can be debated on their own merits instead of being used to attack me as a person.

Candid is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.