Cancer Society Asks You to Share Hope on New Online Community

sharing_hopeThe American Cancer Society has launched, a video community designed to put people’s cancer-related videos under a single roof. The focus is on the people this deadly disease impact, and their stories of hope, courage – and quite bluntly – heartbreak.SharingHope accepts uploads of videos, photos, music or artwork. This content can then be shared, commented on or embedded on blogs and Websites. The community accepts OPEN ID, making it a breeze to access.

Less about fundraising and more about spreading awareness, the community uses those impacted as messengers.

Among the current video channels: Share Your Cancer Story, Quitting Smoking, Breast Cancer Walks and the American Cancer Society Channel.

Here’s a bit more on the site from the folks at the ACS.

* SharingHope.TV is inclusive. Everyone is welcome to be a part of our site.

* SharingHope.TV rewards quality. We strive for, recognize, and reward quality.

* SharingHope.TV is optimistic. We believe the best is possible. We don’t just appreciate goodness; we expect it from ourselves and others. We believe things can and will get better for all cancer patients.

* SharingHope.TV is driven by engagement. We highly value participation and encourage dialogue.

* SharingHope.TV values sincerity. We mean what we say, we act with conviction, and we value others who do the same.

Like all sites that rely on user-generated material, content is a bit light at launch. However, given the sheer number of people touched by cancer, that’s likely to change in the near future.