For $200 (For A Press Release) One Charity Got Itself 22 Million Unique Impressions On Twitter

Getting a message to go viral on Twitter is the holy grail of social media marketing. If you can get one person to share your content with three people, who share it with twenty people, who share it with one hundred people… there’s really no end to how far your message can go.

The #CancersNoJoke campaign from @AbolishCancer is a perfect example how a little elbow grease, smart marketing and some celebrity endorsements can make for a massively successful viral campaign – and all for a good cause, too.

The campaign began on March 26th and ran until April 2nd. It focused on raising awareness for the need for bone marrow donors across the US, using Twitter to spread the message and encourage people to register as donors.

The timing of the event coincided with its message and its method – centering around April Fools Day, @AbolishCancer enlisted comedians and celebrities to speak about how un-funny cancer is, flipping the otherwise flippant holiday on its head.

The team spent just $200 getting a press release about their campaign to the media. The rest was done purely on Twitter, and shows how a thoughtful, creative and meaningful campaign can go viral.

Between March 26th and April 2nd, the campaign saw 22,747,250 impressions on Twitter. These were unique impressions of tweets that contained either the campaign’s hashtag #CancersNoJoke or the @abolishcancer username.

The campaign really kicked into high gear in the days leading up to April Fools Day. On March 31st, the number of mentions containing #CancersNoJoke or @AbolishCancer rose to 1170, up from 499 the day before. And mentions peaked on April 2nd with 1326 uniques.

The campaign also saw a total of 2,631 retweets during its eight day run, maxing out at 1,049 on April 2nd.

With help from celebrities like Fran Drescher and Chelsea Lately’s Sarah Colonna, this campaign was able to reach millions of users through thousands of tweets, getting the word out about bone marrow donations to those who might otherwise not have realized its importance.

(Social network image via Shutterstock)