Cancel Your Cable: Conan Will Be Available Online

Conan O’Brien seems to be sticking with this whole Interweb thing. Too bad only after he lost the Tonight Show did O’Brien realize the Web might be a useful tool for self-promotion. Well, he gets it now and O’Brien just announced, via his TeamCoco website, that full episodes of his new TBS show Conan will appear for free online.

More from Team Coco:

One small bummer for our international fans: full episodes on will only be available to users in the USA. But don’t despair! Clips of our show WILL be available to everyone on Earth! Provided you have a computer and an internet connection, of course.  Ha ha.  We ain’t gonna be transcribing our show and dropping leaflets into the jungles of South America, after all. (And what are you doing in the jungles of South America ANYWAY, dood? Didn’t you see the movie “Predator”?! THEM JUNGLES IS DANGEROUS).

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