You Can Now Cancel A Friend Request On Facebook

Cancel Friend Request IconWant to cancel that friend request you just sent on Facebook? If you accidentally requested someone as a friend or no longer want to connect with someone on Facebook, you can now cancel those requests thanks to a new feature added by Facebook.

How To Cancel A Friend Request On Facebook

Whether you are canceling the request because it was an accident or your relationship has turned sour, canceling a friend request used to be impossible. The only way you could accomplish it was by blocking the user all together. Thankfully, you can now cancel that request. All you need to do is visit the user’s profile after you’ve requested them as a friend.

Once you arrive to their profile, you’ll see a link which says “Cancel Friend Request” as displayed in the picture above. All you need to do is click on the “X” next to the statement and the request will be cancelled. That’s all there is to it!

Facebook Making The Friending Process More Efficient

Over the past few weeks Facebook has been improving the entire friending process for users. Most recently they switched the friend rejection process to include a “Not Now” link, indefinitely delaying all friend requests. The result is that for the most part, actual “friend rejections” have been killed off. At least as they initially existed. Facebook has also been making small improvements to their friend area in recent weeks.

Overall, Facebook appears to be making some subtle changes that they should have made long ago but are now getting around to. While it won’t have the most dramatic impact on the overall experience, it’s definitely making everything much more streamlined.

Thanks to Abdullah Al-Sinani for the tip!