Canadian Twitter Users Are Online Twice As Long As The Average Internet User [STATS]

We all knew Twitter was addictive, but perhaps Canadians know the feeling more than others: Canadians who use Twitter will spend, on average, twice as long on the internet in general compared to the average user.

The study, reported by the Globe and Mail and conducted by the CBC, examined internet use among Canadians.

The average English-speaking Canadian is on the internet for 17.1 hours a week, from a poll taken in the fall of 2010. Compare this number to the 4.1 hours they spent online in 1997, and it’s clear that growth in the past 15 years has been astronomical.

But this number is nothing compared to the amount of time an average Canadian Twitter user spends online: 33.4 hours a week. That’s almost as many hours as required by a full time job!

In addition to Twitter use, part of what’s fueling these long hours spent online is a greater amount and quality of online content, and the availability of portable internet devices like smartphones and tablets.

I wonder if the additional 16.3 hours per week that Twitter users spend online are all spent on Twitter… or whether their inclination to use Twitter helps them find more interesting links and content, that they then explore.

Either way, it’s interesting to see that Twitter is a driving force behind longer hours on the computer. Especially considering the fact that it only takes milliseconds to actually send a tweet!