Canadian Politician And Newspaper Battle It Out On Twitter – And Then Make Up

Maybe Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi was advised against having an all-out Twitter war with the media, or maybe it’s just the fact that Canadians are “nice”, but he has diffused what could have been a lengthy and fiery spat between himself and the local Calgary Sun newspaper on Twitter. If you’re looking for a lesson on dealing with a Twitter fight, here’s one for you.

It all started over the weekend, with Mayor Nenshi questioning the facts that a Calgary Sun news editor tweeted our earlier that day.

The editor of the Calgary Sun (@SUNRickyLeong) tweeted to the Mayor that inflation in the city was closer to 0 than 3 percent. An innocent tweet, except for the fact that the stats were wrong.

Mayor Nenshi (@nenshi) tweeted several rebuking stats to the editor, starting with this tweet which included a link to a Stats Canada page:

“Wow. The Sun makes stuff up. Awesome. Here are the latest stats: 3.7% this month and going up.”

They eventually got into a bit of an angry exchange. Nothing was said that couldn’t be taken back, but there was a fair bit of sarcasm and jibes going back and forth.

However, if any politician or professional out there is looking for advice on getting out of a negative situation on Twitter, take a page from Nenshi’s book. Rather than draw this out, he sent two tweets apologizing – without backing down from his original position, mind you – to the Sun:

Fighting with the media is nothing new in the political ring, but the public nature of the fights thanks to Twitter is. So it’s refreshing to see a politician step up and pour water on a heated tweet battle before it got too out of hand.