Canadian Mother Faces Same In-App Purchasing Nightmare That Led to Class Action Suit in US

While Apple is in the process of paying back families whose children racked up thousands of dollars in phone bills through in-app purchasing as part of a settlement in a US class action suit, some consumers abroad are just beginning to discover the issue.

Canadian mother Paula Marner told CBC News the story of how her twin seven-year-old boys generated a $3,000 bill after downloading Clash of Clans what she thought was a free game. The game is free to download, but as one of the top grossing games in iTunes, it makes its money on in-app purchases, a feature that Marner claims she was unaware of.

CBC has the story:

She says the boys were putting in the password and being prompted to make purchases that ranged from 99 cents to $99. ‘So that kept coming up consistently and they kept tapping it, because it’s just tap purchase, tap purchase, tap purchase,’ she said.

Marner is not part of the US class action suit, but she is apparently going to get the charges reversed. In related news today, The Guardian is reporting that Apple will reimburse a British man for £4,000-worth of in-app purchases his daughter made by accident.