‘Canadian Magazine For Smart People’ Goes A-Begging

Support The Walrus! from The Walrus Magazine on Vimeo.

This makes us so sad. The Walrus, the “Canadian Magazine For Smart People,” is asking for donations. Executive Director Shelley Ambrose explains in the above video that while the magazine has a healthy readership of 60,000, advertising “has fallen off a cliff.” And even without the recession, the Walrus’s not-for-profit regulations mandate that no more than 30% of its pages can be taken up by advertising.

This is surely a worthy magazine that doesn’t deserve to die for lack of financial support, but the video is…cringe-worthy. We’re not sure what’s worse, the poorly-synched sound, the creepy way Ambrose doesn’t make eye contact, or the repetitive rhetorical constructs (“Why should you support the Walrus? Because it’s Canadian. Why does that matter? Because…”).

The Walrus’ dedicated readership will still donate to the magazine that Ambrose says has won more awards than any magazine in Canada, but it may be in spite of the video, not because of it.