Canadian Library Lets Patrons Check Out eReaders

Kobo Readers are now available for check out at the Vancouver Island Regional Library. The library has bought eReaders for 38 branches to lend to patrons. has the story: “Fiona Anderson, director of library services at Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL), says that downloadable books are surging in popularity. ‘Last year, VIRL’s 163,000 customers downloaded more than 29,500 ebooks and audiobooks and, in the first six months of this year alone, we had over 28,000 such checkouts. In fact, VIRL customers are the third highest borrowers of ebooks in BC,’ she says.”

The Kobos at the library come preloaded with 100 books. Library patrons can check out eBooks from the library’s website that offers about 5,500 titles through Library To Go.