Canadian Investor Relations Program Makes Social Media an Industry Priority

Our neighbors to the north are ready to make social media an industry standard.

The Canadian professional association for investor relations professionals just took a big step in making sure its members take social media seriously. CIRI is adding social media to an education program that includes such core skills as analyzing income statements and analyst models, according to a report by Inside Investor Relations.

Now, those taking the Investor Relations Certification Program will have to get a handle on the likes of Facebook and Twitter – and how these tools can be brought to bear in communicating with a company’s shareholders and analysts.

According to Inside Investor Relations, this is the result of a “warming of the attitude toward social media in the IR community.” Though the use of these tools is still the topic of heated debate – and there is little consensus on how to use them effectively if they are to be deployed – sentiment in favor of them is growing.

CIRI developed the program in partnership with the Richard Ivey School of Business and contains four components: finance and accounting, capital markets and regulation, communications and strategy. The program lasts 10 months, according to Inside Investor Relations, and includes both online and face-to-face classes. The article notes:

“This initiative supports CIRI’s mandate of contributing to the transparency and integrity of the Canadian capital market by advancing the practice of investor relations, the professional competency of its members, and the stature of the profession,” says the association in a statement.