Canadian Cartoonist Convinced Bill Gates Controls Spam, Created Dilbert and Stalks People On-line


Microsoft had better watch out: Canadian cartoonist Christina Lane is wise to their sneaky ways. From the blog, Purple Planet:

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the entire entertainment business is presently wired into either Apple or Microsoft consoles, and that you Americans need the income you get from selling the rest of us your films and your video games.

FBLA will try to keep that in mind. Lane, when not being ripped off by evil corporations, seems to have quite a fixation on Bill Gates, John Lasseter, Scott Adams (who might be Gates) and Steven Jobs. Here’s a taste:

I get Rolex spams ever since I confided in Dilbert Creator Scott Adams, a.k.a. Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates, via electronic chat, about a fake Rolex my partner’s stepmom gave us at his funeral in front of everybody as though it were real. This also has uncanny timing.

Oddly enough, FBLA gets offered the same watches, and we’ve never met Gates, as far as we know. Or maybe we have, and we just don’t know it.

Lane also is worried about Scarlett Johansson, animators, Dreamworks and Disney, but mainly Gates, or Scott Adams.

Bill Gates once said of me on his Dilbert blog–in the comments section where he leaves his real thoughts however scattered–that he’d only fund my followers, and never myself, because, and I quote, “She could kick our asses.”

Canadian libel laws must be very odd or Lane must be the funniest semi-unknown social satirist in the country.