Canadian Businesses Are Giving Twitter The Silent Treatment [SURVEY]

You’d think with all the buzz, social media would be more popular than it is among Canadian business.

Only 17 percent of 1,000 executives surveyed recently say they use Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to regularly post updates as well as monitor what’s being said about their business. And this means they’re losing a valuable opportunity to engage their online audience.

As reported in the Vancouver Sun, it looks like Canadian businesses are giving Twitter the cold shoulder. But if it’s any consolation, they’re just as icy towards Facebook and LinkedIn.

SAS Canada, the firm which conducted the poll, found that nearly twice as many respondents merely monitored Twitter than used it for both monitoring and engaging. And that’s a big mistake, when it comes to social media.

It’s not called “listening” media for a reason. Sure, if your customers are tweeting about your brand, it’s a great idea to listen in to what they have to say. But if you project radio silence right back at them, rather than address their concerns and retweet their kudos, you’re missing out on the whole point.

Canadian businesses clearly need to step up their online game if they want to make an impression on their online customers. Although it’s true that social media is a relatively new phenomenon, it’s growing fast, and Canadian businesses are severely crippling their marketing opportunities by not uploading their avatar and sending out their first tweets.

A startling 49 percent of respondents to this survey said that their company does no social media monitoring whatsoever, indicating that a lack of resources prevents them. It’s clearly time the CEOs of Canada opened their eyes to the tremendous opportunities on Twitter and other social networks, and diverted some of their TV or print advertising dollars to exploring social media.

It’s either this, or go the way of the dinosaurs.