Sorry, @Canada is now on #Twitter

Sorry, @Canada is now on Twitter

Way back when in days of yore, everybody on social media was a person. That is, all the profiles on early, pioneering social platforms such as Friendster, Myspace and Facebook, were launched and managed by actual people.

Then brands came along, and we all got used to talking to brands on social. Then things got a bit weird. Brands started launching profiles for some of their products, and we all felt a bit strange chatting to @dietpepsi. It’s a canned beverage, after all. Who exactly do we think we’re talking to?

Now, entire countries have profiles on social media, and the latest to join the party is Canada.

Yep, head on over to @Canada to see the official Twitter profile, for Canada, the country, then spend a moment or two thinking about what exactly you’re supposed to say to a country on a social media site.

Not easy, is it? Still, @Canada is immediately getting into the swing of things, being all Canada and stuff with some amusing Canada-a-like tweets.

Good stuff. Country accounts on Twitter typically promote tourism, and Canada has made sure to cover all of its based by setting up a French-tweeting profile as well. Plus there’s already a verified @TwitterCanada account out there, as well. So they’re doing everything right. But still, the point stands: exchanging tweets with a country is a bit weird. Right?