Can Your Phone Survive a 6 Foot Drop to Concrete with Just a Screen Protector Covering It?

So, you’re out there in the real world with an iPhone, iPad, Droid or some other valuable gadget. You’re tweeting. You’re checking in on Foursquare. And, then, you drop your phone. You hold your breath (or yell) and your heart skips a beat. We know that some cases can help reduce the damage related to drop impact. But, how about a screen protector? Wrapsol claims their screen protector (back and front for the iPhone 4 version) can actually protect a phone from a relatively severe drop.

Prices for Wrapsol’s screen protector varies depending on which gadget it is for. However, I found the iPhone 4 version priced at $15.88 on Amazon.

Note that I have not tried this product myself. You can see a demonstration of its protective capabilities in the video below. If you are squeamish about gadget abuse, I recommend you not watch this video.

Video courtesy of wrapsol