Can You Sell Your Facebook Profile?

Yesterday, there was a lot of buzz about how the RocketBoom founder put his Twitter account up for sale on eBay. When I last checked, the account with 1,500 followers was going for $1,125. How about those that have twice as many friends on Facebook? Technically, selling your profile would theoretically violate Facebook’s terms of service since it would be a misrepresentation of the person using the profile.

Then again, you could switch the email address and photo and it wouldn’t be that person’s profile anymore. While I haven’t inquired into Facebook, my guess is that any sold profile would be immediately banned. Such a situation also make one wonder which profile is more valuable, a Facebook profile with 1,500 friends or a Twitter account with 1,500 followers. In my own opinion I think Twitter could be more influential but then again leveraging friends lists on Facebook can accomplish the same goals.

Ultimately, I’m not sure that you can sell any social profile. People add you as a friend on social sites because they actually know you or have similar interests. There isn’t much value once the person you wanted to connect with is not active. What do you think?