Can You Pay to be a Guest on Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity’s and Rush Limbaugh’s Shows?

While perusing the website of PR trade publication O’Dwyer’s, we noticed this advertisement offering to book talk show interviews on a “pay-per-placement” basis.
We’ve heard of “pay-per-placement” PR agencies before, and of course, one of the PR industry’s value propositions is that you pay a consultant or agency for media placements, among other services.
Nothing new there.
However, we can’t recall seeing an advertisement that implies in such a direct manner that one can pay to get on big name TV and radio shows such as those hosted by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, as well as conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.
Reached for comment, Jerry McGlothlin, president of Special Guests, Inc. told us the company offers both a monthly fee and a pay-per-placement service.

When asked if he needed permission to use the media personality’s pictures in his advertisement, which basically implies that you can pay to be on their shows, McGlothlin responded, “I really don’t know.”
McGlothlin did say his company has booked a couple hundred thousand placements per year, including affiliates. “We book very frequently on ‘Fox and Friends’ and other programs on Fox News,” he said.
“We book time to time on CNN and MSNBC, although most of our guests run right of center so it’s easier for us to place them on Fox News,” he continued.
Reached for comment about the advertisement, O’Dwyer’s directed us to McGlothlin. We’ve also reached out to the Fox News PR department but have not heard back as of the time of this post.