Can You Hack Times Square’s Screens?

Publicity stunts perpetrated in Times Square can be costly, potentially illegal, and worse, roundly ignored by passersby and the media. What if you could skip it all and just hack your video message on to the giant video screen for free?

In the above, a clever hacker uses a big red balloon to fly his little transmitting device next to the screen, close enough to broadcast his own footage. Awesome, awesome, so awesome.

Time to take the blue pill, guerrilla marketers. The hoax was perpetrated by thinkmodo to promote Limitless, a movie about a different pill–one that enables you to use 100 percent of your brain.

In the response video, the hacker says he took drugs to come up with the idea, the Limitless “NZT” pill.

The video hit a million views in just a few days.

[h/t BrandFlakesforBreakfast]