Can You Guess Ted Cruz’ Favorite TV Journo?

During a Politico Playbook Breakfast this morning, Mike Allen asked Ted Cruz if he has a favorite newscaster. At first Cruz begs off, saying he doesn’t really watch TV. And when Allen presses him, he gives a pretty obvious answer for a Tea Party Republican from Texas: Sean Hannity.

ALLEN: Who is your favorite newscaster? 

CRUZ: (pauses)  … Who is my favorite newscaster… I actually don’t watch TV news a whole lot.  I mean to be honest it’s… 

ALLEN:  You talk to these men and women all the time…

CRUZ:  Oh, listen I’m – you know unsurprisingly if I am watching something it’s probably Fox news.  I like, I am a big Sean Hannity fan.  I wouldn’t call him a newscaster necessarily but I think Sean has a fearlessness that is welcome. I wish you saw – I wish you saw. 

But then he offers up a name that might surprise you. Find out which other TV newser Cruz admires after the jump.

CRUZ: Actually I will give a surprising compliment.  So last week I was interviewed by Dana Bash on CNN and I told her that I appreciated that she has been willing to ask hard questions of democrats also and not a lot of reporters do that.  In particular during the shutdown she asked a question of Harry Reid that I think was very revealing. When the House had passed funding for a whole series of vital priorities and Reid was blocking them all and she said `funding for the NIH, the House has passed it. You could pass it.  If you could save just one kid with cancer who was dying isn’t it worth it?  And Reid rather witheringly said `why should I worry about that?’