Can You Find a Job Via Facebook?

Sure, with the IPO news splashed across all the headlines, the question is, can you leverage Facebook to find a job and/or connect with decision makers who extend job offers?

According to buzz in recruiter land, the answer is weak. As in no, for the most part, it’s not prevalent. In a post today on ERE, John Zappe points out The CareerXroads survey asked recruiting leaders from various companies who have a strong social media presence what impact Facebook, Twitter and social media in general have on their recruitment efforts.

He writes, “The short answer is: not much, when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. In fact, Twitter actually fared better than Facebook for direct sourcing. The full results in the accompanying charts plainly show that with the exception of the company profiles, Facebook otherwise doesn’t deliver a whole lot.”

While he’s not suggesting recruiters abandon having a presence on Facebook, Zappe recommends both job seekers and employers alike should plan on having a presence and striking up an online dialogue.