Can You Be ‘Too Busy For’ Social Media? The Debate Rages On With The PR Power List

Here’s an interesting fact dug up by PR2020: fewer than half of PR Week’s annual PR Power List influentials have a Twitter account.

Of the 12 that do, five have never posted a status update, one protects his tweets, and four tweet “on occasion.”

Only two members of the PR Power List “have Twitter accounts and use them effectively — meaning that they share interesting, relevant information and engage with their followers.”

For PR2020, this is a big deal. “I’m sure they are very busy folks — arguably, too busy for social media….That being said, social media is becoming an essential part of strategic public relations, and it’s likely this trend will only continue in the future.

“If the leaders of our industry are not listening to their peers, consumers, employees and other influencers — and sharing their vision with those who are actively shaping the future of the business — how much longer can they stay relevant?”

It’s an interesting thought. Clearly, these folks didn’t need Twitter to get to the top, but neither was Twitter a force when they were advancing in their careers. Now that we have social media, will the next generation of powerful PRs need to interact with the masses in order to get ahead, or is it that old-fashioned face-to-face networking and smarts still trumps social media in the upper echelons of the industry?