Can The Winklevii Reputation Be Saved?

The twin brothers Winklevoss, Cameron and Tyler, have gotten a ton of bad PR from their years-long lawsuit against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Now that the case has been dropped*, it made us wonder: Are they really so loathsome? Perhaps if we knew a little about them, it would revive their reputation.

*Update: After the jump

Being successful isn’t a bad thing. But the privilege on these guys just seems piled so high that there’s no more to go around.

For one, their father was a professor at Wharton. Then they got in to Harvard University. And they’re 6-foot-5 inches tall and 220 pounds. Did we mention they started their own college crew team? And became Olympic rowers? So they are big, tall, smart, rich, ambitious, well-connected Olympiads.

Tyler Winklevoss, who we might argue is the more palatable Winklevoss because he appears less pushy, works as an executive producer at First Bass Pictures.  He also trains for races, drinks smoothies, and follows the NBA, according to his Twitter feed, @Tylerwinklevoss, which describes him asTyler spelled the usual way, same last name as my brother Cameron; ConnectU Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, Olympian, and pursuer of justice.”

But Cameron Winklevoss looks a little more stubborn than Ty. Cameron went on to study for his MBA at Oxford University. Now he runs Guest of a Guest, a social site populated by fun-lovers in big cities: New York, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, and D.C. The site, which is aimed at people as young and fancy as the Winklevii, connects fabulous people.

“Our newsletter has been known to be life-changing,” reads copy on the Guest of a Guest website. “Free giveaways, the top parties of the night, and everything you need to know to impress that date of yours tonight. Sign up to our daily newsletter and stay on top of what’s hot and what’s going on in NYC.”

Just one question: Do they cover Zuckerberg when he’s in town?

*Update: The Winklevii have decided to pursue another aspect of the case; allegations that their idea was stolen. More here. Just when you thought it was over…