Can the Google Guy Fix Twitter?

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington reports that former Google executive Dick Costolo has become Twitter’s new chief operating officer.

Costolo-jpg.jpgCostolo, who co-founded RSS service Feedburner and sold it to Google for $100 million a couple of years ago, left the search giant’s employ in July.

Says Arrington:

We’d heard he was looking to start a new company, but obviously Twitter swooped in and grabbed him.

One can surmise it was Costolo’s experience dealing with Google’s huge infrastructure that made him attractive to Twitter, which has had numerous performance problems in recent months as the microblogging service has grown increasingly popular. Arrington:

Costolo, who is also an early Twitter investor, is someone who has actual experience building scalable infrastructures, which Twitter sorely needs. The company hasn’t launched any new features in recent memory, and continues to have regular downtime. In fact, Twitter’s inability to build features and keep the service live is a serious competitive disadvantage. Costolo can presumably fix all that.

Costolo likely has personal reasons for wanting to “fix” Twitter: He’s got 650,163 (and counting!) followers. Can’t let the peeps down.

Finally, it must be noted that Costolo looks like the love child of Andy Dick and David Cross.