Can the Buzz Killer Card Really Get Rid of the Annoying 3G Data Buzz in Nearby Speakers?

Video courtesy of buzzkillercard

If you or any of your friends have a GSM phone (AT&T or T-Mobile in the U.S.) with 3G data service, you’ve probably heard the annoying data buzz sound (watch & listen to the video embedded above for a typical example). You can hear this sound when (1) a 3G enabled phone is (2) placed near a speaker of some kind and (3) a 3G data session is in progress. Buzz Killers claims their simple looking $7.50 Buzz Killer Card can eliminate the buzz without turning off the 3G radio.

Buzz Killers

I haven’t tried it myself yet. However, Buzz Killer is sending a sample for testing. I’ll report back after trying it with a variety of phones and condiions.