Can Marketers Keep Up with Memes and Trends on Vine?

Working with plugged in influencers on Vine could be the best way to capitalize on trends with quick boom and bust cycles.

Vine is probably one of the fastest social networks out there. If a post has a spark of creativity, or contains something easily replicable, Vine’s creators will jump on it. These Vine memes, like “What are those?!”, experience a dizzying high before falling off. And if you hope to market on Vine, you need to understand how Vine’s audience remixes memes and popular content.

Most Vine memes have a similar cycle of popularity:

  1. The original piece of content is uploaded
  2. Users replicate the Vine, as with the Whip/Nae Nae dance
  3. Users begin to remix, or make meta posts
  4. The meme reaches peak and then drops off, often to nothing.

In fact, most internet memes, from the ice bucket challenge to the Harlem Shake exhibit a similar pattern, and almost all are largely forgotten within a few weeks or months. Memes will overlap, merge, and undergo changes as users continually re-mold the original content. The difference with Vine is speed.

With this breakneck cycle, and sharp pivots in taste, how can marketers effectively engage with the Vine audience?

If your business is generating its own content, that content is under intense pressure to be timely. Real-time marketing is difficult at the best of times, but Vine makes it even more difficult because the audience cycles through trends so quickly. Generating content and publishing it fast is crucial if you wish to catch trends as they rise.

Alternatively, your business could approach an influencer; someone already plugged into the fickle and accelerated Vine culture. Influencer marketing is an increasingly important way for marketers to reach social audiences. Indeed, a savvy influencer can capitalize on trends as before they go bust. Indeed, the influencer market on Vine is still growing, and now seems like a great time to get involved.

Real-time marketing and high engagement campaigns are a high-risk, high-reward strategy, that can pan out very poorly when managed incorrectly. However, if your campaign can be steered by an influencer, your brand could see its message carried to the top along with each new meme.

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