Can Illustration Save the World?

Signs point to yes. At least we like to think so, as do our friends at the Society for Publication Designers, who on Tuesday evening in New York City will host “Do It with Illustration: Under the Influence with Today’s Most Arresting Illustrators,” a panel discussion with some of the illustration world’s brightest young stars: Peter Arkle, Juliette Borda, Christopher Silas Neal, Tim O’Brien, Katherine Streeter, and Jillian Tamaki (that’s her illustration at left).

You know them, you love them, or at least you’ve seen their work everywhere from The New York Times Book Review (one of our favorite venues for intriguing images: how great was last week’s 1961 Sam Falk cover photo?) to the design-savvy, impeccably groomed world of Bumble & Bumble. Come Tuesday, moderator Mark Heflin, director of American Illustration and American Photography, will pepper the panelists with questions about how they “tackle a broad range of topics and their perspectives (illustratively speaking) on politics, work, life, and love.” Get there early for a pre-show screening of the American Illustration 25th Anniversary Timeline movie, in which 25 illustrators were each asked to illustrate one year in AI’s 25-year publishing history. Another reason to be prompt? Three words: free signed posters.

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