Can Facebook Survive Without Support?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with my friend Jason Beckerman. Jason is the creator of the Lotto application and Jason had the unfortunate experience of having his application taken down by the Facebook legal team after being approved and running for a week and a half. Jason had to reach out directly to Mark Zuckerberg and Dave Morin.

While his application was back up and running within a matter of days, a valuable lesson was learned. Facebook is going to start having an increasing number of support requests. Without a formal system for handling issues, Facebook will probably face an increasing number of requests causing strain on their existing infrastructure. Conversely, Facebook can choose to allow developers to fend for themselves.

Jason seemed to think that if Facebook chooses the latter method, many larger companies will be hesitant to join the Facebook platform. I disagree based on the number of Fortune 100 companies that I personally know are working on building Facebook applications. For larger applications though, companies will definitely want assurances that their application will be up and running consistently. Do you think Facebook needs better support to encourage larger companies to join the platform?