Can Dell’s Android Phone, Aero, Generate Interest When AT&T Already Has the iPhone

Image courtesy of AT&T

It isn’t very surprising that the availability of the Palm’s webOS based smartphone on the AT&T Network didn’t excite many people. After all, AT&T already has the iPhone. AT&T has also already announced Android handsets, so I don’t expect this announcement from Dell to make much of an impact either.

AT&T to Bring Dell Aero Smartphone to Customers in the United States

AT&T Dell Aero Smartphone product page

Dell left the mobile device market years ago when they stopped making Windows Mobile based Pocket PCs. Will their new Android based phone generate much excitement. Outside of gadget fans, I doubt it. Here are some specs available for the upcoming Aero smartphone:

– 5 megapixel camera
– 3.5 inch display
– Facebook integration with phonebook and calendar
– Adobe Flash Lite support

Via MobileCrunch: AT&T to soon unveil an Android-powered Dell phone called the “Aero”

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