Can Barter Cash In On Facebook Commerce?

Two applications from WhoWish allow people to trade goods, barter style.

Shopping on Facebook has barely caught on yet, but a startup called WhoWish hopes that barter might be better suited to social media.

WhoWish released an app called CollegeSwap, allowing cash-strapped students to trade textbooks and other college-style items. But the company got hip to the idea that there’s a much broader audience for barter than just kids. And hot on the heels of the first app, the company released another called SwapSquare.
The two apps offer both college students and regular folk the ability to swap what they have for things that they need — or to simply buy the items outright if they have nothing to trade. In other words, the apps offer you an ability to list items for sale without leaving the comfort of Facebook.
WhoWish was launched by three recent graduates originally from Thailand, Rungrith Kittayapong from Cornell University, Tanin Na Nakorn from the University of Edinburgh and Tunan Niyomjit from Srinakharinwirot University. CollegeSwap was first envisioned as a way to swap items that students always need and have around, like books, tech toys, musical instruments, while SwapSquare will be aimed at a larger audience who also have items that they wish to get rid of in exchange for something else they might want.
Although the barter movement in the U.S. has gained a lot of traction in recent years, especially on sites like Craigslist, there are surprisingly few apps for trading on Facebook. WhoWish hopes to get more of this to happen on social media. WhoWish explains its offerings in a video that we’ve embedded below.
Would you consider bartering items on Facebook?