Can an African-born CEO Save Imus?

Will Citadel Broadcasting Communications CEO Farid Suleman bring back Don Imus from the radio graveyard? Ironically, after getting kicked off terrestrial radio for racially insensitive remarks aimed at African-Americans, Suleman, an African-born American, may be the one who resurrects Don Imus’ career. According to Post writer Peter Lauria, Suleman learned the profitability of ”rebel radio” from radio legend Mel Karmazin, who, in his day, took a chance on Imus and a then-radioactive Howard Stern.

According to Lauria’s sources, Farid Suleman wants to secure a deal with Don Imus at ABC Radio Network in New York in order to have a big reveal at the September 26 National Association of Broadcasters’ Radio Show. From The Post:

”As soft-spoken as the 54-year-old Tanzanian native is, sources said Suleman doesn’t lack for ego and isn’t afraid of taking chances, two traits that will be necessary to endure the scrutiny if he succeeds in landing Imus.

”’Farid will not only absorb, but also enjoy and bask in the attention that comes with hiring Imus,’ said news editor Tom Taylor. ‘He’ll like the dialogue the hiring sparks.”’

Presumably the fact that Suleman is a Tanzanian native will also provide additional protective cover — it can’t hurt — for Imus, who still makes the perfect, leathery target for Op-Ed page rage.