Can A Facebook Group Save a Magazine?

Two nights ago, Colin Carmichael posted a comment on the AllFacebook group’s wall. He directed me to a new Facebook group called “I read Business 2.0 – and I want to keep reading.” The purpose of the group is to save the Business 2.0 magazine from having the publication ended. All of this started with a New York Times article that said Time Inc is considering pulling the magazine off the shelves due to a sharp ad revenue downturn. I glanced across the group but didn’t think much of it until I saw an Advertising Age article yesterday covering the group. The main attraction of the group is the high concentration of media moguls that are members. One thing is for sure though, Colin Carmichael should get a job in PR if he doesn’t have one already. He was able to get some pretty serious coverage in a number of well known publications. Will the group save Business 2.0? I doubt it, but that’s just my opinion. I’m more of a Fast Company reader but that’s just my own preference. If you are a Business 2.0 reader, please leave a comment to voice your support. Additionally, you can go join the Facebook group to display your support. Until enough users join the group that the magazine can stay in circulation based on group user subscriptions, I don’t see Business 2.0 being saved. Am I being overly critical here?