Campbell’s Soup Coming to a Keurig Near You!

Has it ever occurred to you to put some bullion into your Keurig coffee machine, toss some dehydrated noodles and veggies into the “broth” that comes out, and call it “soup”? No? Well, it occurred to Campbell Soup Co.

Just in time for Fall’s impending chill, Campbell has announced its plans to offer K-cup soup packs that can be made with Green Mountain‘s popular Keurig coffee machines. The soups include a K-cup pack of broth that is brewed over a packet of dry pasta and vegetables.

Think Ramen Noodles, but from your coffee machine.

“It’s delicious soup at the touch of a button,” Campbell CEO Denise Morrison told the Associated Press.

Campbell and Green Mountain plan to launch three varieties next year, including Chicken Broth & Noodle.

For anyone super excited about the idea of insta-soup from a coffee machine, but concerned their morning coffee will end up tasting like hazelnut-and-vanilla-rubbed-chicken, Green Mountain assures customers that its machines are designed so that the system is cleansed by the brewing process, preventing flavors from mixing.

Morrison, a loyal Keurig user herself, first ran the idea by Green Mountain executives at an event less than a year ago. She and Green Mountain CEO Brian Kelley said the idea went through “considerable” testing with consumers.

“Consumers told us we should put Campbell soup in these machines,” Kelley said.

The public has spoken. Just make sure that when you’re stumbling around your kitchen in a sleepy fog first thing in the morning, you put your glasses on before making your coffee. French vanilla pairs much more nicely with a muffin than does Chicken Noodle.