Campbell Redesigns Soup Labels to Make Them More Brain Friendly

You probably take soup as seriously as we do, which is to say not at all. But it’s a billion multi-billion dollar industry and when a redesign happens at one of the biggest in the game, it’s a huge deal. Such is the case with Campbell Soup, who have decided to redesign their products’ labels. The Wall Street Journal has this incredible story of how much goes into a change like this, with everything from hidden cameras in grocery stores measuring “eye movement and pupil width,” sensors attached to testers’ skin to measure moisture levels when shopping for soup, and lots of other sorts of “neuromartketing” techniques, all in the attempt of catering a redesign to speak the most efficiently to people’s brains. So when people complain about things like Pepsi spending huge amounts on their recent high-profile redesign, wondering why it cost so much, neuromarketing research programs like these are surely where a big batch of that money is going. So what came out of said research? The new branding will feature “four, color-coded categories,” their logo will be smaller, and you won’t see any spoons dipping into the soup (something they found didn’t register with consumers). The new brain-enticing redesign rolls out in August of this year. Here’s the official statement from the company:

Campbell will update the labels of its popular condensed soups with a more contemporary design and new photography that will highlight the soup’s appearance and appeal. The familiar red and white colors will remain, but changes to other visual elements will evoke a new and different way for consumers to think about “Campbell’s” condensed soup. Campbell conducted extensive research with consumers to ensure the new labels hit the mark, including cutting-edge research methods that measured consumers’ biometric responses along with ethnographic interviews. Research indicated that the new labels increased purchase intent among consumers. The company plans to use the new labels, which retain key brand equity elements, on all varieties of its condensed soup, except Chicken Noodle, Cream of Mushroom and Tomato.

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