Campaign Asks You to Put Aside Your Smart Phone for One Meal

Left to right: DiMassimo, Yaverbaum, and turkey

Thanksgiving is only a week away and to celebrate the holiday, Eric Yaverbaum, founder of Ericho Communications, and Mark DiMassimo, CEO of DiMassimo Goldstein (DIGO), have created the “Turkeytizing” campaign to ask people to go sans tech device on Thanksgiving.

The campaign consists of e-cards on the Offlining website with the theme to “Give thanks, not thx,” and ads (created by DIGO) appearing on 11,000 turkeys that the campaign is giving away to people who pledge online to give their devices a rest on turkey day.

Brought to you by the duo who created the “Tappening” campaign, “Turkeytizing” is part of the duo’s Offlining, Inc initiative. On Father’s Day, the Offlining site began asking people to pledge 10 device-free meals through Thanksgiving. The “Tappening” budget reported as $535,000. For this one, the press release says the budget is $350,000.

According to the press release about the initiative, the Yaverbaum told PRNewser via e-mail that much of the money to support “Turkeytizing” “is going toward the turkeys, shipping costs, boxes, stickers, and the creative time for the ads and e-cards.”

The Offlining initiative has been mentioned in the media, including on and NY Metro Parents magazine.