Campaign Asks ‘What Would Kurt Cobain Look Like Today?’

…and the answer is “your drunk, pickup-driving uncle, who served time in the early 90’s but we don’t know what he did because we never talk about it.”

Still dedicated the flannel, though. And while we assume that he’s no longer on the horse, what with him being not dead and all, it doesn’t look like he ever kicked that tobacco habit. Shame.

Because you asked, this is part of a Sachs Media Group campaign called “Rock Heaven” created to promote partner Phojoe, which deals in “photo restoration and manipulation” and uses its technology to both clarify old photos and age the existing pics of missing persons.

Now you know you want to see a grey-haired Bob Marley…

We always assumed that one can’t maintain great dreads while keeping the hair clean, but this fake picture just proved us wrong. We dig the collared shirt, too. Did someone get an ambassadorship?

You have to like this campaign, because there’s no better way to publicize your obscure client’s work than with big names and unanswerable questions. Every music blog in the world just said “thanks for the clickbait!”

We do have to echo Stereogum‘s complaint, though: what, no Biggie?