Camp Gretawire Turns Sweet

In which we check in with Gretawire to see what Oprah Van Susteren is chatting about and what her boisterous fan club is saying back.

FNC’s Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry is in the Middle East covering President Obama‘s four-day tour through Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. Back home in Washington, his colleague Greta Van Susteren is helping chronicle his trip by posting photos and details about it on her Gretawire blog, that unpredictable place where Van Susteren’s fans say exactly what they’re thinking in the best grammar possible.

Remarkable among these posts is how at peace the typically wild crowd is and how loving they are about everything and everyone, especially Henry. Maybe it’s the changing seasons. Or they’re channeling good energy for Henry as he visits a tumultuous region. Nonetheless, it’s strikingly different from the normal anti-Democrat, anti-Obama riffs.

It’s Spiritual

“Good Photo Ed…We would love to see more of the Holly Land, please take more pictures and post them on Gretawire. Walk in the steps where Jesus walked, You will never be the same after your experience!”– DebRollin

“Would LOVE to visit Israel…Christian TV channel TBN has a lot of programming re: Israel, the best one I think Is ‘Israel: A Journey Through Time’….very interesting info…DAYSTAR, another Christian TV channel, now has their own station in Israel, also feature good coverage…learn a lot from them. Also have the Bill Gaither Homecoming DVDs ‘Jerusalem’ and another with ‘Israel’ in the title…great DVDs!!! PRAY for the peace of Jerusalem…a familiar Scripture from many Psalms. Blessings & Shalom, Mareman 3/19/13”– Mareman

“Indeed, a very special place… the Bible comes alive …”– Common Sense

Overwhemlingly Positive

“I love Ed Henry, I think he does a great job at a hard job and keeps a smile about it all. Hats off to Ed Henry.”– ShellyM2006

“Fox did good hiring Henry.”– Anthony J Barton

“Gorgeous photo! I have never been to Israel and would love to go someday. Really admire Ed Henry. He has done a superb job as the Senior White House Correspondent for Fox News. Ed asks the ‘tough’ questions…unlike others in the media who tend to cow tow to Obama. Have a great trip Ed!”– MarySacto

“Ed Henry is one of the last news correspondents with character and integrity.”– Wesson

“Great journalists! Enjoy lunch, guys!”– Randrising, on a photo that showed Henry with his colleague Leland Vitter


“Lunching with Leland and Henry would make my day brighter as I think they would be fascinating to chat with due to their wealth of experiences and travels through out the world following world leaders. Could you raffle off a lunch with them to benefit Cancer Research or one of your other favorites charities, Greta?”– Hershey1

And Of Course, Occasionally Hostile

“I am not jealous of Ed,that is one place I would not wan’t to be. You never know when or where some crazy Palatinian [sic] will blow you up.”– Telli2

“That would have been a Beautiful Photo… Too bad the Muslim Temple Ruined it!”– Billy Allmon, on a photo of the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Also a Little Crazy

“…WOULD THAT OBAMA HAD HIS HEAD ON ‘THE WALL’ and his prayer put between the stones! God is NOT mocked…He sees the ‘intent’ of the HEART! …THEN…we would ‘watch’ the outcome.”– 777DREAM777