Camheroes is your Twitter for Photos

Camheroes is a simple online service/portal with a cool name to boot that lets you do a simple task – that is upload photos of your daily life and share it with friends and families immediately after you upload it to the web. Camheroes tried to make it’s service as simple as possible and kind of remind you how Twitter achieved its success – for being simple.Actually, Camheroes is very much like Twitter, only instead of text you post updates about yourself using photos you’ve taken using your regular digital camera or even your iPhone. And as simple as its features are is how easy it is to start using Camheroes. All you need to do is create a user profile and you can start uploading your photos right away.

You are limited to upload 10 photos at a time. After you’ve selected the photos you want to upload, you can even enter the email addresses of people you want to be able to view your photos. Or if you want other people to have viewing access to your photos even though they are not your friends or family, you can set your profile to public and your photos becomes viewable by anytime as soon as you upload them.

It becomes more fun if you have an iPhone. You can directly upload photos you’ve taken using your iPhone camera and upload them immediately using the free Camheroes iPhone app. You can download this app at the iTunes App Store.