Cameron Sinclair and Crew Get Crowdsourced


The results of Jay Rosen‘s Assignment Zero experiment are in, according to this piece in Wired News, and it worked, kinda. For the design through peer production beat, they focused on Architecture for Humanity‘s Open Architecture Network.

Rosen points to the transcripts of interviews with Marlon Blackwell, Kate Stohr and “VanillaCameron Sinclair who said this:

There’s an assumption that if I’m helping people, then I must not like design. But that’s not true, [it’s] the reason I became an architect. So people assume I’m critical of the celebrity architect or the “starchitects.” I look at it like this, in the medical profession. There are plastic surgeons, and people need them, but we’re in the emergency room. There’s always going to be a need for both. I don’t mean that in a rude sense. I mean that in like you have different roles in your industry.

Starchitects as the nipple repositioners of architecture. We like the sound of that.