Cameron Cuts Short Trip to Address Parliament

Parliament will discuss the hacking scandal on Wednesday

Prime Minister David Cameron prematurely ended a trip to Africa on Monday and ordered a special Parliamentary session to address the News International hacking scandal, just after the arrest of former CEO Rebekah Brooks and resignation of Metropolitan Police chief Sir Paul Stephenson.

Cameron said that Parliament would have to be extended beyond the start of its scheduled summer recess for an emergency session on Wednesday — the day after Rupert and James Murdoch are scheduled to give testimony — adding that he will address Parliament personally, in order to “answer any questions that may arise” and so that he can “make a further statement.”

During a speech in South Africa, Cameron discussed Stephenson’s resignation and the state of the police force. “The situation in the Metropolitan Police Service is really quite different to the situation in the government,” he said, “not least because the issues that the Metropolitan Police are looking at, the issues around them, have had a direct bearing on public confidence into the police inquiry into The News of the World and indeed into the police themselves.”

Cameron also addressed his controversial ties with former spokesman Andy Coulson, an ex-News of the World editor. “In terms of Andy Coulson, no one has argued that the work he did in government was in any way inappropriate or bad,” he said.