Cameron Barr to edit the Middle East

From an internal announcement from The Washington Post’s AME/Foreign David E. Hoffman:

    We are pleased to announce that Cameron Barr will be our new Middle East editor, succeeding Andy Mosher, who is headed to Financial.

    Cameron has put his boots on the ground throughout the region. He and his wife Nicole Gaouette were correspondents based in Jerusalem for the Christian Science Monitor, and covered the entire Middle East. They arrived in Jerusalem just before the outbreak of the second intifada in 2000, and Cameron was a Pulitzer finalist in 2003 for his coverage. Earlier, he spent six years in Asia as a correspondent for The Monitor, and also served as deputy Foreign editor. He came to The Post in 2004 and joined Metro, where he soon managed to stir up Montgomery County.

    On Foreign, Cameron will be our ground controller for coverage of Iraq, as well as handle our correspondents elsewhere in the region. We’re thrilled that he’s decided to lay down his pen for a while and bring his talents to this challenging assignment.