Cameron Angles for a Change at FNC

FNC's Cameron and Angle switch it up

Fox News, understanding its point of view was safe for four more years, used the beginning of Dubya’s second term yesterday to shake up its Washington bureau a bit. After 15 years at the White House, Jim Angle, who’s been with Fox since 1996, will become the chief Washington correspondent, and will be replaced at Scott McClellan’s side by Carl Cameron, who’s been the network’s chief political correspondent for Fox since 1996.

In response to the move, Media Matters for America (Motto: “We have way more boring and useless research than you”) has helpfully compiled a list of all of the times that Cameron and Angle have been less than “fair or balanced.” As the watchdog group says, “Media Matters for America has documented numerous instances of inaccurate, incomplete, and distorted reporting by both Cameron and Angle.” Strangely, though, the “distortions” and “inaccuracies” uncovered by Media Matters’ only apply to the number of times Carl Cameron has been laid recently.