Cameras, Non-Racists, and Ratings

Some notes of interest on our cousin TVNewser today:

  • Bill Bennett made his debut on CNN yesterday, with a quick hit on “The Situation Room” with the Wolfman. Blitzer asked him about his “controversial comments” a few months back. “I know you’re not a racist. And I just want our viewers to have an understanding of what you were saying,” Blitzer said.

    “I want to thank CNN for looking past this canard, or through this canard and taking me on,” Bennett responded. “But I’ve had a number of controversies in my life and some of them, frankly deserved. This one was not deserved.”

  • Brian has more in the way of yesterday’s dangling camera.

  • ABC says, despite claims to the contrary, “Nightline” is doing just fine ratings-wise, thank you very much.

    > Brian also updates his November piece on Tom Delay‘s $14,000 flight courtesy of Fox.