Cameo: Create short films and share them with friends on iOS

Image via Fast Society

Fast Society has launched Cameo on iOS, offering mobile users an outlet for creating short films either solo or with the help of friends, without the need for a traditional desktop-based editing experience. The app combines elements from other photo and video sharing services, including Vine, Instagram and Qwiki, but includes more in-depth editing tools in the process.

Cameo users can create a film using footage captured in real-time, or imported from a device’s camera roll. While users can combine multiple pieces of footage to form their final film, each clip can only be up to six seconds in length, which Fast Society says keeps the videos “well-paced and interesting.” As a result, the app offers editing tools for isolating six-second portions of existing videos, and users can drag and drop each piece of video to create the right progression.

The app supports the addition of text onto the video, as well as adding soundtracks and themes. These themes include visual filters, as well as different types of font and other visual changes, all grouped together in a package. Once finished, these video projects are stored on the cloud to free up device space.

Cameo supports multi-user video creation, as friends can be invited to edit the video as well. Friends that all went on the same vacation, for instance, can collaborate to create a single video, using footage they all approve of. Like other photo and video sharing apps, Cameo encourages users to follow others, like or comment on existing Cameo projects, and browse through all of the Cameos created on the platform.

Cameo is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.