Camel Redesigns Packaging After Almost 100 Years


Back in his cooler, more fashionable, utterly sexier days when this writer was a smoker, his brand was Marlboro. Why that particular one was chosen is a complete mystery, because although he’d never ever agree to switch, we always kinda liked the look of Camel‘s packaging better. Now, if we were still inhaling those wonderful, wonderful chemicals, we’d have all the more incentive to make the move, as Camel has decided to redesign their packaging for the first time in nearly a century, in hopes of reviving sales that have been slipping as of late. Here’s a bit:

The updated packaging retains the image of the camel but the animal is surrounded by a fresh look, including rounded graphics to highlight the oasis scene and larger and clearer pyramids in the distance.

Further changes include darker lettering to emphasize the Camel name and color-coded ribbons to identify the style. The box also promotes the brand’s history with the text “since 1913”.

The aim of the redesign is to give the brand a more modern look and feel, while maintaining the brand’s heritage.