Call the Fashion Police… H&M Is Going to Coachella

This year, you can purchase your whole Coachella "look" from H&M.

Perhaps the second most popular attraction at the Coachella music festival (besides the music, of course) is the fashion. Mostly because it’s a mud stew of hippie fringe, short shorts, crocheted frocks and questionable hats.

So of course a fashion brand wants to get in on this right? H&M is launching a co-branded line, H&M Loves Coachella, that will be available on March 19. The fashion label is a six-year sponsor of the arts and music event, which attracts not only thousands of fans but tons of celebrities. If you follow folks like Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner or Selena Gomez on Instagram, then you no doubt saw some of their snapshots from last year’s event.

And then there was this (which is hysterical, but seriously, let’s just let Leo live).

The H&M line will be priced in the $4.95 to $49.95 range, which is perfect for the younger crowd who’ve just dropped hundreds of dollars on tickets, and possibly hundreds more to get to Indio, CA.

The only nit picky thing we’ll add here is that the H&M line is so Coachella-y that the only thing recognizably H&M about the it is the price. Aside from the look up top, you can click on the slideshow here. Flannel shirts and flimsy vests… it’s Woodstock redux with less flair. It would’ve been interesting for the brand to have a different take on the “look” of the festival, but hey. If you’re at Coachella, you want to wear the uniform and look the part.

There is sure to be just as much ado this year with a lineup that includes Jack White, Drake, Wu-Tang members, Florence + the Machine, St. Vincent, SBTRKT, FKA Twigs… the (pretty darn good) list goes on and on. The festival is two weekends: April 10 through 12 and April 17 through 19.

via WWD